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Top 10 Cities with Most Beautiful Women in the World


1 – Caracas, Venezuela Venezuelans are extremely outgoing and one can’t help but want to make friends with the lively ladies of Venezuela, particularly those of Caracas. The city is swarming with drop-dead beautiful women; only one walk down the street will make a believer out of anyone. It is …

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This Amazing Diet Will Help You Get in Shape in No Time at All


If you’re looking for a healthy and very effective way to lose weight, you’re going to love this diet we at Bright Side found for you. It’s super successful because it’s based on the consumption of calories that will provide only the energy needed for your daily life — no empty calories. And the best part is that this diet also …

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7 Simple Exercises for Perfect Buttocks, Thighs, and Legs


Set 1: Lunges with jump-changing legs Lunge forward with your left leg, holding your back straight and keeping your right knee lower than the left one. Jump up as high as you can, helping yourself with your arms. Change your legs in the air, landing in a lunge position with your right leg. Begin with 10-12 reps, changing …

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13 Magnificent Photos of a New Life Being Born


Whether or not you should show such a sacred thing as labor to the general public is certainly a controversial question. The resulting pictures are often very candid, yet the photographers’ mastery helps everyone see the incredible beauty of the process. The way to birth The joy of motherhood Your protectors forever The happy finale It’s all over Holding …

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The Stars of Home Alone 25 Years Later


Home Alone is now a seminal movie with a cult following, and the reason why is simple: you won’t won’t find any other film with such a magical, festive atmosphere. This family comedy was filmed in the now distant year of 1990, but it’s still loved by people all around …

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